What is LARP?

What is LARP Live Action Role Play

Live Action Role Play (aka LARP) is a fun way to express yourself, make new friends and embrace your inner nerd! 

You may have heard of it from movies like Role Models or Knights of Badassdom, LARP is similar to Dungeons and Dragons but...real life!

"LARP is a type of role-playing game in which participants physically act out scenarios, typically using costumes and props."

LARPing is where I finally felt at home, because it involved everything I love in life; making cool costumes, creating and acting out interesting stories, going on adventures and meeting new and interesting people!

If you're new to LARP, or maybe just want to know what it's all about, here are some great tips and inspo for you to get started!

Where to LARP

You can find LARPs in Sydney in my post here. 

If you aren't in Sydney, do what I did and search Google for LARPs in your area. I found my LARP, Scy'kadia by simply researching for about ten minutes online, and I am so happy that I did!

What to wear

What to wear to LARP? When I first started LARPing, I had absolutely no gear, except for my sword.

The best option if you don't have any LARP appropriate costumes is to simply wear black. Some LARPs even have costumes you can borrow for the game!

A lot of players also DIY their costumes/gear. I will be doing more DIY posts soon, so stay tuned!

What to bring

  • Water - Water is the most important thing to remember, you can use a reusable water bottle and fill it up throughout the game.
  • Snacks - I also bring a light snack to keep my energy going. Protein balls are a great source of energy, as well as fresh fruit or juice.
  • A hat - If you are playing in extremely sunny conditions, don't forget your hat! Just remember to bring one that is LARP appropriate... and makes sense for your character!
  • Sunscreen - Again, if you are out all day in the sun, it's important to remember at least SPF 30 to protect your skin from harsh UV rays.

LARP inspo

  • LARPs the Series - I absolutely LOVE this show and could watch it a billion times. Just watch the opening scene and you'll get hooked!
  • Lord of the Rings - I love both the books and the movies, great resource for costume inspo!
  • Vikings -  I styled my first character Ylva Loof after some of the beautiful costumes found in this gorgeous series!
  • Momo O'Brien - One of my favourite LARPers, Momo inspired me to just be myself! And start this blog. She is great. You will love her!
  • Of Science and Swords - Some of the most beautiful LARP gear you can buy, check out their gorgeous armour and weaponry...also their super cute website! <3
  • Check out my list of Movies, TV, Books and other LARP Inspiration
Larp inspiration

Want to to create a LARP character? Learn how!

Do you have other tips that you think I should include in my blog?

I love hearing from my readers! Comment your tips below or reach out on Instagram and Facebook!

Thank you!

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