Spotlight Series; Kára’s Battle Cry

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Natasha aka Kára’s Battle Cry is one of the first people I met at Scy'kadia (si-kay-dee-ah), a Sydney based LARP group engaging in high fantasy combat simulation and roleplay with a strong narrative focus.

She is one of the fiercest warriors I know, with just as much passion for helping others sort out their characters, learn everything there is to know about LARP, and just being an all-around amazing human (…and Shifter!) 🐺

Make sure you check out her instagram for more inspo! 


1. When did you first start LARPing? 

I started Larping in 2016 but it wasn’t until I started attending games at my current LARP group Scy'kadia a year later that I really started to become passionate about it.

2. What was your favourite thing about it? 

I truly love everything about it. I love the fact that everyone in the community is so accepting and welcoming. I love being able to escape my world and truly slip into another world where my life and the things that cause me stress don’t exist. My character can be something that I am not, maybe something I want to be, and sometimes even something I don’t like. I don’t control my story and that feels amazing, I love not knowing what to expect or where the story will go. I love that it forces me to go outside and get involved, its social interaction that otherwise I wouldn’t engage in. It gets me to exercise when I don’t want to. Because of this my social anxiety and depression are at an all time low since I began LARP.


3. What is your favourite character that you have played so far? Why? 

My favourite character is my current character Kára, who is in our games the equivalent of a Viking Shieldmaiden. I have been playing her for over a year and I love how she has evolved. She has turned out very different from the character I originally planned her to be. I love her strength, determination, her terrible way of handling situations, her fighty nature. In some ways she is similar to me and in so many ways so vastly different.

4. Who is your ideal character for future games? 

I don’t really have an ideal character. All characters I have had or have planned are vastly different in characteristics and design. No one is better than another, although I do enjoy playing Kára the most.  


5. What are some LARP podcasts/blogs/instagram accounts you follow that inspire you? 

I don’t have much time to read blogs or listen to podcasts but I am definitely inspired by some Instagram accounts. Such as *NoLarpingMatter (also on Facebook) *Raiivdeenor *LarpVision *Bladesofthenorth *Fellandfair

6. Who is your favourite LARPer? Why?

Lyn Hewitt, not only is she one of Scy'kadias Admin Team she also hosts the sites “NoLarpingMatter” She is driven, her costumes are amazing, she is supportive Out of Character and very approachable. Her characters are incredibly well thought out and she plays them in a way that I really admire. She understands a lot about the mechanics of LARP and also the mental effect a game can have, both good and bad.

7. What is some advice you would give to first time players? 

*Relax, let the story flow, dont try to control whats happening and make decisions based on what your Character would do… not on what YOU would do. Also don’t try to force things to happen. It doesn’t work like that. *Let your character develop over time, you dont need to have everything about them set in stone straight up. Same with costuming, don’t stress about being perfect straight away. *Remember that the game is not just about you. Don’t try and make yourself the centre of attention. *Understand ‘Character Bleed’ this is something that happens a lot, especially to new players. Read up about it. Remember that your character is not you. Keep a clear distinction between In and Out of character, both for yourself and others. I have a few very close friends in real life who my character really dislikes. How someone acts In Character is not who they really are. *Take time out if it is getting to much, theres no shame in taking a break and/or playing a different character.

8. Do you have a blog/podcast/instagram account that people can follow? Instagram: @karasbattlecry


Photos by Matt Hudson Photography

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