Spotlight Series; Auntie Marni

Larp lady Spotlight Series Marni

Marni is one of those larpers that is truly genuine and kind, not only does she love helping others but she is an amazing role player as well! The first person I ever attended LARP with, I was stoked when she agreed to let me interview her in my Spotlight Series!

Spotlight Series larp lady marni

1. When did you first start LARPing? 

I first started larping in october of 2017, I'd just moved to sydney and I didn't know anyone so I thought stuff it I'll go check it out.

2. What was your favourite thing about it? 

My favourite thing has been the connections I've make with the other players through their characters. When you make friends or enemies in character it sort of becomes your history with the person out of character too so these great friendships bloom and friendly rivalries crop up with where in real life youve never spoken. Its pretty wild.

larp lady spotlight series auntie marni

3. What is your favourite character that you have played so far? Why?

My favourite character that Ive played was actually an NPC at After the Fall, a post apocalyptic larp run down near Melbourne. We were assigned named soldiers and we had to play off the characters, most of the times antagonistically. It was really rewarding facilitating the rp for the players and being a unit that was part help and part threat to the player base. With any luck I'll be able to port O'mailey into another game some day and flesh them out.

4. Who is your ideal character for future games? 

My ideal character changes so much, right this second its a charismatic warrior type. I love playing face characters but I really want to be able to let loose and just biff if someone's getting properly on my nerves.

scy'kadia larp lady

5. What are some LARP podcasts/blogs/instagram accounts you follow that inspire you? 

I follow #larper on instagram so I get content from anyone tagging their pictures with it, i find it helps me have a broad range of stuff to look at. I also love tabletop podcasts cause there are so many similarities, critical role always. Chris Perkins from wizards of the coast is a huge inspiration, I love his measured story telling that allowes deep moments but has a levity to it that allowes for silliness as well.

6. Who is your favourite LARPer? Why?

I can't say I have a favourite larper. I know people who hit individual aspects like costuming or fighting or RP well. But I dont have a favourite. I dont have one that does it all.

7. What is some advice you would give to first time players? 

Give your character a purpose to guide you into the world, like a little goal that you can hit in your first game. Mine was I wanted to find an alchemist and learn from them. It gave me an immediate in for conversation, and if I did find an alchemist then I had a connection to a mentor type character who could show me the ropes.

8. Do you have a blog/podcast/instagram account that people can follow?

I don't have a special account but you totally should follow Larplady and my friend Lyn at No Larping Matter.

larp lady spotlight series marni

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