Spotlight Series

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  • What is LARP Live Action Role Play

    What is LARP?

    Live Action Role Play (aka LARP) is a fun way to express yourself, make new friends and embrace your inner nerd!  You may have heard of it from movies like Role Models or Knights…

  • LARP in Sydney

    LARPs in Sydney

    SCY'KADIA Scy'kadia is where I started my adventures in LARP and it is super fun! The admins are very helpful, welcoming and informative. Scy'kadia (si-kay-dee-ah) is a Sydney based LARP group engaging in high fantasy…

  • Spotlight Series; Kára’s Battle Cry

    Natasha aka Kára’s Battle Cry is one of the first people I met at Scy'kadia (si-kay-dee-ah), a Sydney based LARP group engaging in high fantasy combat simulation and roleplay with a strong narrative focus. She is one of…