LARPs in Sydney

LARP in Sydney


Scy'kadia is where I started my adventures in LARP and it is super fun! The admins are very helpful, welcoming and informative.

Scy'kadia (si-kay-dee-ah) is a Sydney based LARP group engaging in high fantasy combat simulation and roleplay with a strong narrative focus. Our games run fortnightly in Rooty Hill - Morreau Reserve on Church Street - within walking distance of the nearest station.

You can find more on their facebook page and website.


Battlecry is a relatively new storyline and runs every Friday night. They have all of the costumes and equipment you need, as well as a newbie sergeant who helps you out for your first two games in learning all the rules and how to play!

“Battlecry gives players the excitement, customization options and creative freedom that video games can give you, with addition of raw action, adrenaline, and community that it can’t.”

You can find more on their facebook page and website.

Whichever LARP in Sydney you choose, you will definitely have fun embracing your inner nerd and meeting new people along the way!

Photography by Matt Hudson Photography

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