How to create a LARP character

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(I love creating new characters, but when I first started LARPing I had no idea where to begin! I could hardly think of a name for my character, let alone imagine a backstory!

So I came up with a list of a few things that might help on how to create a LARP character;

1. Read the world background and Game Rules

Reading the world background and game rules will give you a better idea of the world that your character comes from. As well as races, cultures, and abilities that you can choose from.

2. Talk to other LARPers (or the GM)

Talking to other LARPers was the first thing I did when trying to create my first character. Everyone was super friendly and gave me lots of great advice.

The GM, or Game Master, is the person (or people) in charge of running the game. They are another great resource for helping you create your character as they have probably created a few and know where to begin.

You can also try chatting with other LARPers on reddit, the LARP's facebook page, or other online communities.

3. Mix and mash your favourite characters

Pick a few of your favourite characters from tv shows, movies or books and mix and mash their quirks or flaws together to help build your character.

For example, I absolutely love the tv show Vikings and used Lagartha's fierce personality for my character, Ylva. I also used The Last Kingdom, Uhtred's past to write my character's backstory.

Which brings me to my final point...

3. Write a backstory

Think about who your character is, are they a hero or a villain? Where are they from? What's their name? If you're like me and you are struggling to find a cool name, there are heaps of online resources to help you find one.

Another good way to create your character’s backstory is to imagine an event in your character’s past that helped define them. Think of it like a puzzle piece to who your character is.

Personally, I like to keep my backstory loose when I am starting a new character so I can role play with others, or add things in later after I have played a game or two.

how to create a larp character

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