Gear Review; Epic Armoury Long Hybrid Squire Sword

I bought my first LARP sword from Epic Armoury 1 1/2 years ago at Comic Con in Sydney, Australia. I had heard of LARP from my friends who played at Scy’kadia, and always wanted to try it out, but after seeing this beauty I knew deep down I was forever going to be a LARPer.

I highly recommend this sword for anyone beginning in LARP, you can find it for relatively cheap (in LARP gear standards!) on Epic Armoury’s website.

As with all of Epic Armoury’s LARP weapons, this sword is LARP safe, made from foam with latex coating, giving it that shiny weapon look. Around 100cm tall and weighing 280 grams, This sword makes it too easy to practice your swordfighting skills!

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