Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in Concert

Harry Potter in Concert

Ever wanted to see Harry Potter in Concert? Every year, Sydney Symphony Orchestra invites guests to watch a different Harry Potter movie while playing the soundtrack live at the Sydney Opera House!

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to score tickets to watch The Half Blood Prince, my favourite out of all of the Harry Potter books! If you haven't seen it, then do yourself a favour and go watch it! Or better yet, watch it live in concert at the gorgeous Sydney Opera House!

Harry Potter

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra was accompanied that night by the Sydney Choir, making the live performance even more enchanting. I found myself at times forgetting where I was, until the beautiful yet melancholy music picked up volume. Then, looking around, I once again remembered and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the Sydney Opera House and the orchestra below. I kept thinking, "I'm in the friggin Opera House! Eee!"

The performance was mesmerising, the movie was and forever will be incredible, and the overall experience of watching it all played in concert live at the Sydney Opera House was just...amazing!

I cannot wait for the next instalment of the Harry Potter movies live in concert!

Harry Potter in Concert Sydney Opera House

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