Gear Review: Viking Drinking Horn from Medieval Shoppe Australia

viking drinking horn larp lady

A perfect addition to any feast or costume, this Viking drinking horn is one of my favourite accessories for Live Action Role Play.

I purchased the extra long Viking drinking horn from Medieval Shoppe Australia for just a little over $20 AUD. A huge relief after seeing so many for $45 or more online!

LARP gear in general is expensive, but LARP gear in Australia is outrageous! It's either overpriced or it's heaps expensive after you add shipping fees and convert it to the Aussie dollar. (Not ideal for someone like me on a LARP budget)

That's why I try to DIY my kit as much as possible, but there was no way I was going to try that with a Viking Horn!

Viking Drinking Horn larp

My character, Ylva Loof, is a Vylklander I created from mooshing together two of my favourite characters from Vikings and The Last Kingdom. You can read more about her and other tips on how to create a LARP character here. For Ylva’s costume, I really wanted to give that authentic Viking feel, so I decided to fork out some dough and buy this gorgeous Viking drinking horn…and boy was I glad that I did!

The Viking drinking horn was a perfect addition for Ylva, and I've also used it at medieval banquets and festivals. You can actually drink from it, just like it’s 1399! Since it's made from real cow hown, I wipe it down with vegetable oil (or something similar) to prevent the horn from drying out about once a year.

Viking Drinking Horn

Do have a Viking drinking horn or any other LARP gear recommendations I should check out? Comment below or reach out on Instagram and Facebook!

Thank you!

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