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    Spotlight Series; Auntie Marni

    Larp lady Spotlight Series Marni

    Marni is one of those larpers that is truly genuine and kind, not only does she love helping others but she is an amazing role player as well! The first person I ever attended LARP with, I was stoked when she agreed to let me interview her in my Spotlight Series! 1. When did you first start LARPing?  I first started larping in october of 2017, I'd just moved to sydney and I didn't know anyone so I thought stuff…

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  • Spotlight Series; Kára’s Battle Cry

    Natasha aka Kára’s Battle Cry is one of the first people I met at Scy'kadia (si-kay-dee-ah), a Sydney based LARP group engaging in high fantasy combat simulation and roleplay with a strong narrative focus. She is one of…