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  • Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair things to do

    Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair

    Watch a jousting tournament, hold an owl, or pet a unicorn! This is my list of 8 things to do at Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair. …

  • 5 Nerdy Podcasts to liven up your commute

    5 Nerdy Podcasts to liven up your commute

    The average person spends about 4 and a half hours a week on their commute to work. That’s roughly 200 hours a year! If you’re like me, you want to fill up that precious…

  • monster monday dragons larp lady

    Monster Monday; Dragons

    It’s that time again! Monster Monday! This week’s monster is one of the most popular mythological creatures of our time, the dragon! Cultures around the globe have feared and celebrated the dragon. From Mushussu…

  • Larp lady Spotlight Series Marni

    Spotlight Series; Auntie Marni

    Marni is one of those larpers that is truly genuine and kind, not only does she love helping others but she is an amazing role player as well! The first person I ever attended…

  • monster monday the unicorn

    Monster Monday; The Unicorn

    As a larper, I love the world of fantasy and all of it’s creatures. My favourite creature of all, though, is the unicorn. Which is why I’ve chosen unicorns as my first creature for…

  • how to create a larp character blog

    How to create a LARP character

    I love creating new characters, but when I first started LARPing I had no idea where to begin! I could hardly think of a name for my character, let alone imagine a backstory! So I…

  • larp inspiraiton larp lady

    Movies, TV, Books and other LARP Inspiration

    Need some LARP Inspiration? Here’s my list of movies, TV, books, and more that will inspire your next live action role play! Movies Lord of the Rings - Hands down the best trilogy, I grew…

  • 5 tips for beginning larpers larp lady

    5 Tips for Beginning LARPers

    As a relative newbie to LARP, I’ve often wished I had known a few pointers here and there before I started. So I’ve decided to put together a list of my 5 tips for…

  • What is LARP Live Action Role Play

    What is LARP?

    Live Action Role Play (aka LARP) is a fun way to express yourself, make new friends and embrace your inner nerd!  You may have heard of it from movies like Role Models or Knights…